Cozy Pond Camping Resort
541 Battle Street
Webster, NH 03303
(603) 428-7701

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Cozy Pond Covid-19 Update

We are very happy to be able to open for our tenth anniversary season. However, things are quite far from 'normal' and we must put some safe practices into effect. As of now we are allowed to open, however, things may change at any minute. Please check back often!

Please keep these guidelines in mind:

*If you or a family member have been exposed or have experienced symptoms for Covid-19 please do not come to camp. You need to self-quarantine at home.

*We are practicing social distancing. KEEP AT LEAST 6 FEET APART AT ALL TIMES. This includes your site, the store, or anywhere else in the campground.

*You may sign out books, movies, games, and puzzles at the store. All items will be sanitized when returned.

*Rentals will not be available including canoes, kayaks, peddle carts, and golf carts.

*When out walking, follow social distancing rules and remain at least 6 feet away from others.